Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Direct Democracy 

As someone said, "Democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators", we Indians have been electing dictator or group of dictators through general elections. Since we give so much power to our ministers they are driven to confusion and "shock" which is resulting in misuse of the power and regress of the country.

With the success of electronic voting system during last general elections, there is hope that we can implement direct democracy in most economic way soon. At least, a commission should be appointed by union government for the implementation of direct democracy which will, after due research and investigation, recommend if India is now ready to implement the direct democracy, if not, what has to be done to make ourselves ready for it as soon as possible. Also, other important measures like how to prevent anti-social elements, religious fundamentalists, greedy political/caste/tribe/faith groups, from taking advantage of the new system by creating loopholes and harming the spirit of direct democracy.

With adoption of direct democracy we relieve our "dictators" from too much power and thus have them focus on what they can do to develop the country. Let me stop listing the advantages of direct democracy here because it is of everyone's knowledge, for those who can't think of any more advantages they may want to surf the net!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Nara's idiocy 

Mr. Chandrababu Nara in his election speeches says "Sonia Gandhi does not understand Indian culture, Indian problems - so reject her". All he is telling people is that her birthplace is not India and hence she doesn't understand the importance of nurturing Indian casteism, Indian illiteracy and Indian hatred for various communities within India! The nurturing of these anti-development Indian attitudes have been very important for Indian politicians for their political thriving and they conclude that if a person's birth-place is not India then it would be impossible for that person to understand the importance of keeping Indian people in Ignorance so that dirty politics can flourish.

I was born in India but now live in America. I love India and US in equal measure. I lived here for enough of time to learn and know to myself the American culture, history and her problems. If it was possible for me why is it not possible for a naturalized Indian citizen to understand Indian culture and her people. Few months ago Californians elected a naturalized citizen as their governor and his foreign origin does not prevent him from being elected as president of US. When politicians here ask for votes they talk about what they will do to achieve development but not about where their political opponents were born, what caste they were born in etc. Doesn’t Mr. Nara at least read news to know what is going on in the world? It is apparent that he is ignorant of this fact and other facts that Indians here have been elected to high offices despite of their non-US birthplace. If he was aware of these facts but failed to get the message then it reflects the height his idiocy.

As an Indian born politician, was he able to eradicate Indian poverty? Was he able to eradicate the hatred among various Indian communities? Was he able to eradicate Indian casteism? Leave alone questioning his will to eradicate casteism he himself is not able to grow up out of the boundaries of the caste he thinks he belongs to! What does he understand the problems of Indians? All he has done is attempting to please Bill Gates (by promising to migrate state government IT projects to Microsoft) and World Bank officials (by promising to use the loans for development of state but actually using them for his selfish ends). He has been spending all his time and public money for his publicity but never dared to publish the poor results of his implementations. I, like all Indians in US, until lately hoped he will help realize dream of better Andhra Pradesh but we are deeply hurt to know he is an utter failure. He owes an apology to everyone (excluding his family and political friends but including Sonia Gandhi) for his failure to achieve results and misleading voters by raising the topic of birthplace of a fellow Indian citizen to satiate his vote-mongering urge.

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